When Food Meets Fashion

What happens when food meets fashion?  Everything and then some when you’re at the Rinascente.  This past weekend we hadchefs two days dedicated to combining our two worlds: luxury clothing brands mixed with the best gastronomic events that any foodie would have loved to partake in.  I had the opportunity to taste Indonesian Kopi Luwak coffee (one of the most expensive coffees in the world), drink pingpongMoet & Chandon while playing ping-pong, try sushi made with edible gold and admire incredible installations made out of chocolate.  But it wasn’t all fun and games since technically I was working while all of this was happening.  Not only did we have our top producers offering tastings throughout the store but we also collaborated with four of the Jeune Restauranteurs d’Europe (an organization which brings together some of the most talented and upcoming chefs within Europe) who put on cooking shows and classes.  My main mission during these days of food and fun was to be at the beck and call of these gastronomic masterminds to make sure that their experience at the Ririsnascente ran ever so smoothly.  I didsushin’t know what to expect from these chefs.  Would they be full of themselves? Rude? Demanding? Impatient?  I somehow made it through these days of master cookery without getting burned.  I actually feel honored that I had the opportunity to meet them (some of them have earned Michelin stars in their restaurants) and briefly get to know them over these couple of days.  Most of them were really down to earth and I enjoyed our encounters of problem solving and helping them navigate around the never-ending labyrinth of the Rinascente. Not only did I get to meet some really talented restaurateurs and taste products and dishes that I could never afford, but I even managed to swipe a few of their recipes in the mean time.  So overall, mission definitely accomplished! Stay tuned to see what’s cooking (and hopefully not burning) in my kitchen as I give their recipes a go….

Kebab di Tonno con Panna Acida al Lime (Tuna Kebab with Lime Flavored Sour Cream)

La Triglia e La Colatura d’Alici (Mullet Fish with Anchovy Sauce)

Linguine con 5/4 di Calamaro  (Squid Linguine)


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